This is a site for information related to collapse. This is a focused overview of collapse and is not intended to be inclusive of every individual, aspect, or item, nor is it complete. This site is maintained by the moderators of r/Collapse and volunteers in the subreddit community.

Is this really a wiki?

This is a wiki in the sense it is a collaborative effort to create a directory of information and all are welcome to contribute.

It is not a wiki in the sense it is built upon common wiki software or any user can simply register and immediately begin contributing. This website has been built with WordPress, an open-source CMS, and we require users to reach out to us before contributing directly.


How can I contribute?

1. You can give in-context feedback on a specific part of a page by clicking the Feedback button in the bottom-right at any time.

2. You can reach us directly through Reddit. 


Who has contributed?

Currently, these individuals have contributed to the wiki:

Many users have contributed indirectly through suggestions and feedback via Reddit and surveys.


Why haven’t you included X?

This site is not inclusive of every items or aspects related to collapse, nor is it complete. We are open to suggestions and collaboration if you think something is missing.

Who has admin access to this site?

Only moderators of r/Collapse have access to admin privileges for this site.

What does this website cost to operate?

The cost for registering the site’s domain name is $15/year through Dreamhost.

The cost for hosting this site through Dreampress is $20/month.

u/LetsTalkUFOs currently covers these costs.



  • June 24, 2024: Added other Fiction section entries
  • Nov 21, 2023: Added Fiction section and L’effondrement to it
  • Nov 5, 2023: Added Collapse Survival Site to links
  • Oct 23, 2023: Added Daniel Schmachtenberger’s “An Introduction to the Metacrisis” lecture
  • Oct 2, 2023: Added documentaries: Final Warning Limits to Growth, Living in Future’s Past, Living in the Time of Dying, Once You Know
  • Sept 29, 2023: Added podcasts: Building Up: Resilience, The Power Hungry Podcast, The Poor Prole’s Almanac, Tipping Point, Emerge: Making Sense of What’s Next