The notion of support within the collapse-community generally refers to actions or strategies related to inner domains, such as the psychological, mental, or spiritual which we enact as we progress through the stages of awareness.

Each individual’s circumstances and experience of collapse-awareness is unique. As a result, each of us must curate our own sets of best practices to support ourselves along our journey.

Coping with the reality of collapse is an ongoing process. Monitoring our intake of information, level of saturation, and overall mental health throughout this process is essential.  Anxiety and depression are natural reactions when exposed to systemic issues, so we encourage everyone to cultivate and curate a robust support system.


These are the best and most relevant collapse support resources, programs, groups, and networks we are aware of. If there are any you think we should add, please let us know.

Collapse Support

Online forum / Discord / Weekly open calls

The largest online forum related to collapse support. Aims to be a dedicated place for thoughtful discussion about the state of the world as it stands today and how we are coping. Conversations are often casual, sometimes serious, but always supportive. Their Discord community holds weekly voice calls on Sundays.

Good Grief Network

Network / Online programs / In-person programs

Offers 10-step programs to help individuals and communities build resilience by creating spaces where people can lean into their painful feelings about the state of the world and reorient their lives toward meaningful action.

Living Resilience

Network / Online programs / Weekly open calls

For people who desire companionship in the often lonely world of the collapse-aware. Dean Walker hosts these online video support calls for people who enjoy the authentic presence of kindred spirits as we face our predicament-laden world together. He offers a variety of courses, materials, and a Mighty Network as well.

Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time

Online programs / Network

Vermont’s Sterling College offers this always-available online program. Conversations, courses and welcoming community from every continent making sense of these troubled times together. Featuring the likes of Shaun Chamberlin, Vandana Shiva, Jason Hickel, Kate Raworth, Nate Hagens and David Abram. Offered on a ‘pay what feels right’ basis.

Collapse Club

Weekly open video calls / Facebook Group

In this time of crisis and catastrophe, our comfort is to be with other people who understand what we’re going through. In a Collapse Club meeting, you will join like-minded people in a safe, structured space to share your experience of collapse and to cultivate communal wisdom.

Living In The Time Of Dying Sharing Group

Monthly open video calls

A monthly support group, where our intention is to be with our feelings about the climate / societal situation. Facilitated by Michael Shaw, director of Living in the Time of Dying, and Michelle Walter.

The Work That Reconnects Network

Network / Online programs / In-person programs

Based around Joanna Macy’s work, aims to help people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action.

Deep Adaptation

Online programs / In-person programs / Network

An online community focused on building supportive communities to face the reality of the climate crisis. Originally created in response to Jem Bendell’s academic paper published in 2018.

Climate Cafés

Online programs / In-person programs

Adapted from the Death Café model, climate cafés are a simple, empathetic space where fears & uncertainties about climate & ecological crisis can be safely expressed.


Support line

Warmlines allow are free, 24/7 call lines for mental health support. They’re different from crisis lines which are more focused on getting you connected to crisis resources as quickly as possible. They’re still confidential and staffed by trained individuals.


Support line

International directory of 24/7 crisis and support lines. Here’s a guide on what to expect when calling a crisis hotline.


Living in the Time of Dying (2022)


Living in The Time of Dying is an unflinching look at what it means to be living in the midst of climate catastrophe and finding purpose and meaning within it. Recognising the magnitude of the climate crisis we are facing, independent filmmaker Michael Shaw, sells his house to travel around the world looking for answers. Pretty soon we begin to see how deep the predicament goes along with the systems and ways of thinking that brought us here.

Awakening From the Meaning Crisis (2019)

Lecture Series

John Vervaeke’s acclaimed series of fifty lectures exploring the roots of disconnection and deeper cultural historical crisis he terms “The Meaning Crisis”. John assembles and explores perspectives from many ancient and modern figures, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, Jesus of Nazareth, Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, Carl Jung, and Nietzche.

Core Competencies for Collapse – Practices for Reconnection (2022)


Dean Walker is the creator of Living Resilience, a community for offering support and resources facing troubled times. In this candid video he offers an overview of his personal practices and approaches to collapse support which go beyond first-stage or first-aid practices.

Sanity 101: Living Fully in an Age of Decline (2022)


How do we we cope amidst civilizational decline? How can we stay positive/ And how can we be of support other who are confused, angry, depressed, or filled with fear, blame, or guilt? This video is part of a series by Michael B. Dowd which explores some of the most essential wisdom for hard times. Michael Dowd is a religious naturalist and prolific voice in the collapse support community.